What We Want in a Presidential Candidate

By Phyllis Schlafly 

In early February, Washington State will play a role in nominating a presidential candidate. Political Party Precinct Caucuses will be held on February 9 and the Presidential Primary is set for February 19. It will take full grassroots effort to get our country back on track so participating in both events is crucial. Please consider this rich opportunity to shape the future of our country. Call us at Washington Eagle Forum if you have any questions about the caucuses or the presidential primary. 360-354-8505.
Below are excerpts from a speech by Phyllis Schlafly given to Family Research Council on October 19, 2007. The message is timely as we consider our role in selecting a 2008 presidential candidate. 

The media have already designated the frontrunners for the Republican nomination for President and are working overtime to force Republicans to line up behind one of them right now. The Republican National Convention won't take place until next September. Most Republicans are still shopping. We've listened to the presidential debates organized by the networks, but they have ignored or not adequately covered many of the issues we care about. Here are some of the statements we would like to hear from a candidate to be worthy of our backing.

Respect for Traditional Marriage.
It's not enough for our candidate to say "I oppose same-sex marriage." Even John Kerry said that. It's not enough to say "I support a marriage amendment." The President doesn't have a role in adopting constitutional amendments.

We want to know how our candidate, if he becomes President, will use the power of his office to protect traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Respect for Life.
It's definitely not enough for a candidate to say "I'm pro-life." It's not sufficient to say he believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned because the President has no power to do that. We want to know what the candidate will do as President to advance protection for unborn babies.
We want our candidate to pledge to support retention of the same, identical pro-life plank that has been in the Republican Party Platform through the last six Republican National Conventions. That plank proclaims that "the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed."

Opposition to Supremacist Judges.
It's not enough for our candidate to say he will appoint strict constructionist judges.

We want our President to appoint only judges and justices who will promise to enforce the Constitution as it is written. We want our President to appoint only judges and justices who publicly reject the liberal notion that our Constitution is "evolving," or that decisions can be based on "emerging awareness" about morals.

We want our candidate to repeat the best thing President George W. Bush ever said: "We will not stand for judges who undermine democracy by legislating from the bench and try to remake the culture of America by court order."

Protection of American Sovereignty.
We want our President to be a leader in protecting American sovereignty. We want him to reject United Nations treaties because they are always an invasion of our sovereignty. They all set up a monitoring commission to dictate U.S. domestic law, and most of them set up a tribunal of foreign judges to decide disputes and enforce their rulings.

Stop Illegal Aliens from Entering Our Country.
We want our candidate for President to announce that he considers it a presidential duty to prevent illegal entry into our country.

We want our candidate to promise to enforce the law against employers hiring illegal aliens. The illegals and foreigners on visas are paid less than Americans, and so they depress American wages. The law of supply and demand works. The greater the supply of labor, the lower the wage.
We want our candidate to build the 854-mile fence that the Secure Fence Law requires.

Let's be frank: the Values Voters who put the social issues at the top of their agenda are the largest bloc in the Republican Party, but they are not a majority. Reagan was elected with a coalition of social conservatives and working-class Americans who need good jobs and hope to live the American dream.

We're listening to the candidates and we're waiting to hear them address the issues we care about.