What Massachusetts Failure Has Taught Us

 Obama’s un-healthy plan is modeled after the Massachusetts plan which, when adopted, was applauded as innovative and destined for great success. In fact, the Mas sachusetts plan  FAILED and is a model for what NOT to do. 

  • It has increased costs. 
  • It has wasted taxpayer dollars 
  • It has limited patients’ choice 
  • It has hurt small business 
  • It has failed to reach the goal of “universal coverage” 
  • It has created shortages 
  • It has created waiting lists 


Advocates predicted that the Massachusetts plan would lower health care costs, but so far, costs are rising. State government spending on health-care programs in Massa chusetts have INCREASED by 42 percent since the plan was adopted in 2006 - that’s 33 percent above the national average. 

Advocates promised the plan would make health insurance more affordable. Instead insurance premiums have increased at nearly DOUBLE the national average. 


In Massachusetts casts an average of $16,897 for a family of four compared to a national average of $12,700. 


The plan created a new bureaucracy that has become an overbearing arm of government imposing regulation resulting in limiting competition and ultimately limited con sumer choice. 


Costs to taxpayers are rising too. One tax increase did not satisfy the hunger of their plan. When has it ever? 


Small business has SUFFERED and re cently the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council ranked Massachusetts LAST of all fifty states for business-friendly health-care policies. 


Note the words: FAILED, INCREASED, DOUBLE, BUREAUCRACY, SUF FERED & LAST. And that’s the model for the Democrat plan now being rammed through by Congress.