We the People: A Call To Vigilance


For those like us who respect the sovereignty of the people and value the protection of our Constitution there is no greater threat than judges who seek to legislate from the bench and disregard Constitutional rights. We have seen repeated disregard for laws passed by the legislature and the people. The family structure has been undermined and our liberties eroded. Washington State needs a change on its Supreme Court and the State Court of Appeals! In this space we would like to introduce you to three highly qualified candidates who will faithfully interpret and protect our Constitution. Without exception these candidates champion individual liberties and private enterprise.  Please stand with them in defense of our nation’s fundamental charters.

Judicial races are non-partisan and as a result the winner is often determined during the Primary Election. The Primary can decide these races! Tell everyone you know to vote for these candidates by September 19.

John M. Groen, candidate for Washington State Supreme Court, Pos. 8: John Groen is a partner in Groen & Stevens, the former law firm clerk for State Supreme Court Justice Sanders and has practiced law on behalf of the Pacific Legal Foundation. John Groen has successfully defended property rights on behalf of numerous clients. If Groen’s opponent, Chief Justice Alexander, is re-elected, he will not be able to serve out his term, due to mandatory retirement at age 75 and his successor would be appointed by Gov. Gregoire. www.groenforjustice.com

Stephen Johnson, candidate for Washington State Supreme Court:   Johnson is challenging first term Justice Susan Owens. Sen. Johnson’s twelve years of service in the State Senate uniquely qualifies him to understand the difference in roles designated for the legislative and the judiciary branches of our government. Sen. Johnson is a champion of property rights and open government. www.johnsonforsupremecourt.com

Jeffrey B. Teichert, candidate for State Court of Appeals Judge: Jeff is challenging Judge Mary Kay Becker. Jeff’s judicial philosophy, if elected, would be that of an originalist who believes in interpreting the law as it was written. He will help shrink the activist majority found on the current court, exemplified by Judge Becker. “I am unapologetically for the Constitution. It is my duty to assure that this document remains a rock solid foundation of our brilliant democracy - one that does not drift on the waves of intellectual fads or judicial arrogance.” Jeff Teichert   www.JeffForJudge.com