Washington State Legislature Needs Your Oversight!

Senate Joint Resolution 8206
(Placing restrictions on tax increases)

Introduced by Sen. Val Stevens, (R-Arlington), proposes an amendment to the state Constitution to provide that a tax increase may be imposed only by a favorable two-thirds of members of the legislature. As a guard against tax increases, request a YES vote on SJR 8206.

A freshman conservative from the Spokane area, introduced a pro-life (parental consent) bill. Rep. Matt Shea's House Bill 1688 will address abortion procedures or treatments performed on minor females and females subject to guardianship. Please support his efforts by calling your legislators to vote YES on HB 1688.

“Everything But Marriage”
is the new campaign of by homosexual activists in Washington State.

The bills, SB 5674, SB 5688, HB 1745 and HB 1727 are intended to create "marriage" without the name by equalizing the status of traditional marriage with that of homosexual couples.

We must stop this now! Tell your Senator and Reps. to vote NO! Call hotline to Olympia at 1.800.562.6000.

Senate Bill 5104 will set up a state income tax. NO vote!

SB 5204—bill to abolish the electoral college and elect the president by popular vote. (Read of EF testimony on page two)

HB 1517—Granting felons’ right to vote. NO!

H.B. 1718—"Reducing greenhouse gases in Washington”. More correctly, this bill should be called the “massive job terminator” bill. The bill is a MASSIVE power grab by the Department of Ecology and will impact the lives of everyone living in Washington State. HB 1718 will directly impact the homes we buy or rent, the type of vehicles we drive and how far we can drive them, the price we pay for many products, as well as new taxes and fees.

It is fiscal insanity that legislators would consider passing such a costly bill without even bothering to measure how it would impact the state budget or taxpayers' wallets.
Evergreen Freedom Foundation