Washington Eagle Forum - Setting a Bold Agenda for 2009

As a believer in Jesus Christ and a patriot the November election was a tough one for me.

I was in route to an election night party for my local representative when the news reported that Republicans had lost  several key states on the East Coast, and I knew then where this election would fall.

It was a severe blow, and I didn’t know it yet but we would take another devastating hit here in Washington State losing the governor’s race and tragically, the euthanasia initiative.

As the consequences of this election loss was sinking in, the Lord impressed on my heart two very significant truths:

First, this election changes nothing about what we believe.

There is truth. It is found in God’s Word. It does not change and cannot be shaken. There is a sure foundation.

Second, this election changes nothing about what we do.

Because God’s Word is true, and is the basis of our work, we will continue to do what God has called us to do — speak His truth to the issues in our culture, and earnestly work to bring truth to public policy for the glory of God.

I am completely energized by this thought because I know that the great principles of truth and freedom are sound and bless all people at all times.

As a board we have set an aggressive agenda for 2009. We plan to:

  • Have greater involvement in Olympia during the coming legislative session. We plan to be both visible and diligent.
  • Encourage elected leaders to stand firm on principled policy.
  • Speak boldly on issues around Washington State. As opportunities come our way we want to share our work.
  • Continue to build a formidable base of informed and active citizens in every legislative district across Washington state.
  • Develop untapped technology options to advance our message and reach citizens previously unreached.

Honestly, this agenda will stretch us in many ways. We are entering this new year in need of more people to work alongside us. Maybe it’s your time. We greatly appreciate your prayers as we recruit new partners.

Always remember:

  • Regardless of what is politically thrown our way we have a voice. The question is— will we use it?
  • Despite what the liberal left would have us believe, we live in the greatest nation on the earth.
  • No matter what God is still in control!

May 2009 be a year where truth and freedom are advanced for the glory of God.
 Cindy Honcoop — State Director