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 April 2013

“All political power is inherent in
the people, and governments derive
their just powers from the consent
of the governed” 

On six separate occasions over the past 20 years (since 1993) the voters passed by initiative that tax increases require a 2/3 vote of the Legislature or voter approval...until the Washington State Supreme Court , in a 6-3 decision, ruled the legislature to be sovereign, not the people.

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A majority of the Washington Supreme Court have rejected the voters' clearly and repeatedly expressed determination that the legislature's taxing power should be limited.

The most important takeaway from the majority's opinion is that the people are at the mercy of their elected officials

If they cannot impose restrictions on the legislature through their use of the initiative, their only hope of restraining the legislature is to adopt a constitutional amendment.  

But (somewhat ironically) the Washington Constitution requires amendments to originate in the legislature and to earn a two-thirds majority vote in both houses before they are referred to the voters.  

As a result, the people can only impose the desired restraints if they get the cooperation of the very body they intend to restrain - which is not exactly a recipe for success because the last thing most lawmakers want is limitations on the laws they can make.  

Nevertheless, if Washingtonians intend to affirm the constitution's promise that they are the state's ultimate political authority, they must elect legislators who will agree to submit to them a constitutional amendment giving the people a more adequate means of exercising that political authority.

The majority of the Washington Supreme Court reached the conclusion that their six votes were more important than the nearly 1.6 million votes cast in favor of I-1053, which required the support of two-thirds of each house of the legislature for any law that would increase taxes on Washingtonians.

Justice James M. Johnson authored a dissent that really hits the nail on the head, relying on several of the arguments the Freedom Foundation advanced in its amicus brief.  He pointed out that the most important constitutional concern - which was ignored by the majority - is the primacy of the people when it comes to political authority in this state.  

The majority focused like a laser on whether the framers of the Washington Constitution intended for the legislature to be able to pass laws imposing additional constraints on the lawmaking process, but this is irrelevant to the question really before the court: insofar as the people are the ultimate political authority and have reserved the power of initiative, which is superior to the power granted to the legislature, may the people use the initiative process to impose restrictions on the lawmaking process?  

In his dissenting opinion Justice James Johnson states

“Through a single decision, a court of nine people (actually only six votes) is imposing their policy reference over that of the 1,575,655 voters who passed Initiative 1053

I regretfully observe that this court has become the tyrannous minority it purports to guard against.”

By  David Roland, Freedom Foundation


Teachers Union Top Spending Lobbyist in Olympia

During the legislative session lawmakers are continually confronted by lobbyists pressuring them for legislative favors. You will see them daily working very aggressively in every legislative office building on the Capitol grounds.

Who is in Olympia this session spending the most money to influence legislators?

The Washington Education Association 82,000 member union has spent the most  this session to advance their political agenda, according to recently released Public Disclosure Commission records. According to PDC records the bulk of their money was spent on lobbyists and advertizing. 

State Superintendent Randy Dorn’s 2013 legislative agenda wish list contains budget requests for more than 4.9 billion dollars from taxpayers.

Following the teachers union in lobbying this session would be the SEIU 775 Union representing home care/nursing home workers, Boeing, the Hospital Association and Pemco Financial Services.


Governor Inslee Breaks The Promises Of Candidate Inslee

After a year of pledging that higher taxes won’t be needed to fix Washington’s budget woes, Governor Inslee has broken his campaign promise with his budget that would raise $1.2 billion in new revenue to pay for increased government spending. Inslee's budget proposes the largest increase in government spending (11%) since Governor Gregoire's increase (18%) in 2005.

Part of Inslee’s budget would roll back a series of tax breaks for businesses and individuals, and would make permanent tax increases that were supposed to be temporary and set to expire this year. 

Those temporary taxes were part of SB 6143, an $890 million tax package passed by the Legislature in 2010. Included in the bill were increased Business & Occupation taxes and an increased tax on beer, among other tax increases (increased taxes on soda and bottled water were subsequently repealed by voters via I-1107).

When challenged on his no-tax-increase promise during the campaign, Inslee repeatedly stated, “I think economic growth is the best way forward.”

Broken promises and $1.2 billion in new taxes on businesses and consumers is not the best way forward, and will certainly not spur economic growth

Erin Shannon, Washington Policy Center


Muslim Intimidation In Local WA School

Mary Janda, a veteran teacher of 21 years at Concrete Middle School in Concrete, WA, has been under attack by the radical Washington affiliate of Hamas, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) - falsely accused of racism against  Muslims.

The alleged incident occurred last October when she said, during a class discussion on bullying, that  terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Taliban were examples of organizations that use violence to bully people.

No student or parent ever filed a complaint with the district, however, a month later the district received a letter of complaint from CAIR demanding an investigation.

The district investigated and concluded that Janda had done nothing wrong.

Not satisfied CAIR then contacted the Department of Justice and the media with their claims.

The community rallied to defend their teacher. More than 450 people—nearly half of the total population of the town of Concrete—filled a local Assembly of God Church in support of Janda.. “

This is truly amazing,” she said, “and I thank God.”

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“I am acutely aware of our debt crisis and the growth of big government, and what they will do to America.
But if we continue to lose on values -- religious liberty, the sanctity of life, what children are taught about
right and wrong, the meaning of marriage -- it won't matter if we balance our fiscal budget.
Our moral/virtue deficit will kill the American dream.”
- Gary Bauer, American Values

GOP—Change Politicians, Not Principles

After another painful loss in November Republicans have been doing some introspective soul-searching to identify their disconnect with voters.

The party recently released a 97 page document that, according to Eagle
Forum President Phyllis Schlafly, “talks about growth and opportunity...along with 30 mentions of the need for the party to be more inclusive”.

Missing is the actual key to voter angst—the tight grip of non-conservative party leaders, strategists and consultants who insist on running moderates candidates, sometimes withholding assistance to conservatives candidates.

Against these odds comes a shining example of a winner—Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. A Constitutional expert with conservative passion Cruz is shaking things up in Washington DC—not only challenging the left, but daring to even
confront the Republican establishment on principle when needed.

Authentic conservatives candidates will do more to inspire the grassroots than the compromising candidates of consultants. And like Cruz, they can bring the Republican party a win that will mean something in the trenches of DC.


11 Year Old Asks “Which Parent Do I Not Need?” -CNSNews.com

Minnesota state legislators considering a same-sex marriage bill for the state did not have an answer to an 11-year-old girl’s question on which parent is not needed.

“Since every child needs a mom and a dad to be born, I don’t think we can change that children need a mom and a dad. I believe God made it that way,” Grace Evans, 11, said before the Minnesota House Committee on Civil Law last week. “I know some disagree, but I want to ask you this question: Which parent do I not need – my mom or my dad?”

She paused for eight seconds as the legislators on the committee sat silent.

Evans then said, “I’ll ask again, which parent do I not need – my mom or my dad?” She paused again, this time for 13
seconds of silence from state lawmakers.

“Even though I’m only 11 years old, I know that everyone deserves to have a mom and a dad,” Evans said. “If you change the law to say two moms and two dads can get married, it would take away something very important for children like me across the state.

Evans told legislators that her mom and dad each provide something unique to her life.

“My mom is very important to me, because she teaches me about being a girl,” Evans said. “She is kind, thoughtful, gentle and beautiful. She cares for me and others and listens very well to things I want to talk to her about.

“My dad is also very important to me, because he protects me and helps me get the confidence to be a girl who is growing up to be a woman,” she continued. “He takes care of problems in a way my mom cannot.”

Evans concluded, saying, “I hope that you can see that every child needs a mom and a dad. Please don’t change your law on marriage to say otherwise.”

Nevertheless, the Minnesota House committee voted in favor of the gay marriage bill and sent it to the full House.


National Day Of Prayer

May 2, 2013

Investing in Hope…Transforming
our Nation Through Prayer

As our nation struggles with continued economic insecurity, vast healthcare reform, and countless challenges to our constitutional rights, citizens of the United States are preparing to exercise their freedom to gather, worship, and pray. 

Millions will answer the call to prayer on May 2nd in observance of the
62st annual National Day of Prayer. Organized events will be held in
thousands of public venues where intercession will be made for
America and its leadership.

“This year’s theme, “Pray for America”, is based on Matthew 12:21 which reminds us that “In His name the nations will put their hope.” National Day of Prayer Task Force Chairman Shirley Dobson recently stated. “Our hope lies in humbly seeking the Almighty’s guidance, protection, and blessing – not only on the National Day of Prayer, but throughout the year.”

Plan to attend, or even consider hosting an event in your area.


Big Government Solutions Increase Cost to Consumers
Obamacare will not produce the $2500 of lower premiums promised by Democrats. According to a new report by the Society of Actuaries -- professionals, not partisans - Obamacare will increase the costs insurance companies pay on medical claims by an
average of 32%. In some states, the increases are massive: 80% in Ohio, 68% in Indiana, 67% in Maryland, 62% in California.

Try as they might, liberals have yet to find a way to suspend the fundamental laws of economics. If you raise costs for
businesses, you raise costs for consumers. Obamacare regulations will dramatically raise costs for insurance companies,
and that means higher – not lower – healthcare premiums for every American.


Hillsdale College | Free History Courses Online

Hillsdale College has an long and exemplary reputation as an academic institution committed to “pursuing truth and defending liberty”. Two years ago they began offering free online history courses providing participants with a deep understanding of
history, and the ability to defend the timeless principles of liberty upon which our great nation was founded.

Courses currently available online at www.hillsdale.edu

·  Constitution 101—The Meaning and History of the Constitution

· Constitution 201—The Progressive Rejection of the Founding, and the rise of Bureaucratic Despotism

· History 101 Western Heritage—From the Book of Genesis to John Lock

· History 102 American Heritage—From Colonial Settlement to the Reagan Revolution


Also offered on-line is a five part lecture series “Introduction to the Constitution” featuring Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College. Each lecture session included a PDF study guide that can be printed.

Majority Coalition Caucus Wields Positive Power in WA Legislature

The 2013 Washington State Senate shifted to the right when two Democrats decided to caucus with the Republicans in order to prioritize job creation, living within our means, holding government accountable and developing a world-class education system.

The Majority Coalition offers another tremendous benefit by holding the line on countless dreadful bills that originated in the State House of Representatives.

Under the banner of “shared leadership” Republicans are now chairing committees that have been completely dominated by liberal Democrats for many years. This is resulting in the most productive Senate in recent memory.

As an example, Senator Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale turned the Energy, Environment and Telecommunication Committee upside down by scheduling a hearing with Dr. Don Easterbrook, a respected professor emeritus of geology at Western Washington University.

His testimony provided shocking scientific evidence suggesting the assumptions on climate change and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere are


NOTE: Two of the session’s most dangerous bills – the Abortion Insurance Mandate and Third Party Visitation - are detailed in this Eagle Forum Action Insert. If conservatives apply enough pressure to their Senators there is a good chance these two bills will be rejected by the Majority Coalition.



HB 1934 - Third Party Visitation

House Bill 1934 would allow any person who is not the parent of a particular child to petition for visitation with the child if they had "established an ongoing and substantial relationship with the child."

Under this bill a person could even petition the court where the family is an intact two-parent home.

House Bill 1934 states that persons can demonstrate they have established an "ongoing and substantial relationship" when they have had a relationship with a child of "substantial continuity for at least one year through interaction, companionship, and mutuality, without expectation of financial compensation." Mutuality is simply shared sentiments.

This bill will cause intact families, including perfectly fit parents, to face potential court challenges to their parenting decisions whenever they limit or restrict their child's visitation to any person. While the bill provides some minimal protections of parents' decision making, the parent will still have to defend any petition for visitation right, no matter how outrageous.




WashingtonVotes.org - This free website allows you to track all the issues that matter to you.

Facebook/The Capitol Report - Coverage of Washington state government without the liberal bias that permeates the mainstream media. Hosted by the Freedom Foundation.