Undermining Government ‘By the People’

The American people are familiar with the drill: a law is passed...and a court overturns it.

Activist judges are substituting their judgment for that of the American people, misrepresenting the provisions of our state and federal constitutions, and ultimately undermining the right of the people to govern themselves.

There is nothing wrong with existing federal and state constitutions. What is wrong is that judges are wrongly misrepresenting the requirements of these documents. Indeed, they are rewriting the documents by misconstruing them in order to satisfy their own social and political agendas. 

This contest is not about words, it is about wills. It is about the wills of activist judges intent on fashioning a society to fit their own vision, and it is about the will of the people and their elected representatives who used to cherish and believe in the right to self government.

Judicial tyranny by any other name is still tyranny. Do Americans still have the will to resist it and govern ourselves?


 Center for a Just Society