The Truth About Our Health Care System

The Truth About Our Health Care System—Best In The World! 

We have the greatest health-  care system in the world, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. 

The world has greatly benefited from the advanced medic al technology and research done in the United States.  

People come from all over the globe to take advantage of  the outstanding medical care available here. 

The Truth About The Health Care Crisis Is—There Is None!  

Calling health care a "crisis" apparently doesn't pass the straight-face test with the American people.

In a recent Gallup poll only 20% of Americans believe the healthcare system is actually in "crisis."

Only 16% call healthcare reform a "top priority."

If the vast majority of citizens are really not that concerned about healthcare one must ask just why has Congress declared it a "crisis" of such proportion we must ram a bill through at lightning speed?

The Truth About The Uninsured— Their Numbers Are Skewed! 

We hear there are 45.7 million uninsured. Just who are they, and why don’t they have health insurance? The answer  is rather interesting:

“If we look at the actual num bers, it turns out that one- third of these people are eligi ble for existing government programs (Medicare, Medi caid, S-CHIP, etc.) but have n’t applied.

Half of this 45.7 million are transitioning between jobs, and nearly one-fourth of the total are not U.S. citizens. 

It turns out advocates count anyone who was without health coverage at any time during a calendar year.

Out of the entire 45.7 million, only about 8 million are chronically uninsured. This represents less than 5% of our total population. 

While an important number, it is arguably not large enough  to be the primary motivator for an entire government over haul of our health care system that would impact the other  95% of our population.”  - Dr. Roger Stark, retired surgeon  and health care policy analyst with the Washington Policy Center.  

The Truth About "Single Payer" — It Destroys Your Options! 

The term “single-payer” is, of course, just a fancy way of  referring to a health care sys tem in which each and every health care transaction goes through a middle man—and  that middle man is the govern ment.  

That’s right, the same govern ment that runs the DMV, the  Post Office, the $33 trillion- in-debt Medicaid program, and the myriad of other offices and programs you are forced to deal with to exist. More government grief, and less individual choice. Read the bill and you will see on page 16 it describes how you will loose your options. Private insurance will be forced out by this plan and you will be forced into government-run health care. 

The Truth About The Cost— You Will Pay More! 

The current plan being fast- tracked in Washington DC is both massive and costly. In fact, the trajectory of spending  created by this bill will sur pass anything we have ever seen. This bill will ultimately and universally raise taxes in a recession which will delay  recovery and increase the eco nomic hardship already en cumbering families.  

The Truth About Care — It Will Be Rationed! 

Government bureaucrats will  conduct "Comparative Effec tiveness Research" to decide  the effectiveness of treat ments and drugs.   

That is simply an exotic label for rationing care, and as  House Appropriations Chair man David Obey (D-WI)  admitted, drugs and treat ments that are "found to be  less effective and more ex pensive will no longer be prescribed." (pp.502 & 520)  

Government bureaucrats (not the medical profession) shall determine national priorities for research. (p.505) 

The fine print of the bill gives enormous power to  bureaucrats to impose uni form, government-defined benefits, to decide how much  we must pay and to deter mine what is "effective" and will be permitted. They will decide—not you, and not your doctor! 

The Truth About Life– The Option Will Be Death! 

National Right to Life calls this legislation “the bill that could produce the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe v Wade. 

The bill channels massive new federal subsidies to  health plans that pay for abor tion on demand.  

The bill covers “family plan ning”-well-known code words for taxpayer-funded contraception and abortion, and will impose mandatory  coverage of abortion-on- demand in all health plans. (p.772)  

Then, at the other end of life’s spectrum, seniors must submit to "advance care planning consultation" (end-of-life discussions) every five years, or  more often if there is "a sig nificant change in the health condition of the individual,including diagnosis of a  chronic, progressive, life- limiting disease, a life- threatening or terminal diag nosis or life-threatening in-  jury."   

Who are these consultants, and what will they advise? Will seniors be harassed and coerced into decisions? Will they be denied care because of  the cost and/or need of someone younger? (pp.425 & 429)  

The Truth About Small Business—Less Jobs! 

This trillion-dollar health-care overhaul will reach into every business and every home in the country.  

The bill would require most companies either to provide  workers with basic health in surance, or to pay a steep fee.   

Page 72 tells how all private plans must conform to the public plan or be taxed. Such a mandate would raise small  business labor costs to unsus tainable levels.  

Small businesses provides our nation with 70 to 80 % of all  jobs. They are already strug gling with the cost of provid ing healthcare for their em ployees due to the crushing mandates imposed on them along with limited insurance  options allowed in Washing ton state.   

Hiring  new employees will  be a hard choice, and count less new jobs will be sacri ficed in the new world of gov ernment-run health care. 

The Truth About Who They Exempted—Themselves! 

While every American is  herded into the corral of gov ernment healthcare, remarka bly there are a few elite who will continue to be exempt from the plan.   

The President, his family, members of Congress,  federal  employees and their depend ents will be allowed the op tion YOU are not—to keep the world-class care coverage they now enjoy.