Tale of Two Houses

Recently we came across a comparison of two homes owned by two prominent Americans, one of them a famous environmentalist. See if you can tell who deserves more credit for “green living”:

House #1 is a 20 room mansion with 8 bathrooms, pool, pool house and guest quarters. Reportedly this well appointed home uses more energy and resources in one month than an average American home uses in one year.

House #2 is a 4000 sq ft home built to utilize every green concept available and uses only 25% of the resources of a typical American home in one month. It is a model eco-friendly house.

House #1 is in Nashville, Texas and belongs to Al Gore.

House #2 is also known as the “Texas White House” and is the private residence of George W. Bush.

The hypocrisy is clear: Al Gore is an elitist and makes his living with sensational, but faulty facts and reasoning; President Bush is too busy running the country to proclaim his environmentally sensitive housing. This story is certainly an “inconvenient truth” for Mr. Gore.