Support H.R. 7309: Tax Holiday for American Workers

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), a member of the conservative House Republican Study Committee, has preparing legislation to declare a tax holiday for January and February of 2009 and plans to introduce it as soon as Congress is back in session next week.

Gohmert’s plan proposes to use $350 billion  of the $700 billion bank bailout to fund a two-month tax holiday that would put money in the pockets of American taxpayers.

Giving American individual taxpayers a two-month holiday from federal income and FICA taxes, amounts to about $2000 per taxpayer that people could spend as they choose instead of having the government use it to bail out whoever.

Freeing individuals from two months of federal taxation would be a substantial benefit to families and the economy. “Those who can’t catch up on their mortgage get one-third of their money back each month and then they’ll be able to catch up on their mortgages. They’ll be able to refinance their mortgages, they’ll be able to buy stock that they can’t currently buy,” Gohmert said.

Under the current Democrat leadership of Reid and Pelosi  any permanent tax relief or capital gains relief will not be considered and that leaves Gohmert’s plan as the only credible alternative to the continued bailouts. The Gohmert bill is on the side of the American worker and common sense.

We need to weigh in as soon as possible and as forcefully as we can. The public speaks with a powerful voice. Call your Congressman, then follow that with a call to Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Minority Leader John Boehner.  Tell them you need a TAX HOLIDAY! Ask them to support H.R. 7309.

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