Ready In 2010!

As Washington Eagle Fo rum prepares to enter a New Year we are excited to share some great news for 2010! It was just about a year ago that our technology adminis trator advised us to consider restructuring and upgrading our current data system and web site.   

While we  knew we had some pressing needs in this area, and were obviously excited at the potential of such an up grade, there was also a sense of apprehension as to the timing and significant funds that would be needed. 

Washington Eagle Forum runs solely by donations, and while every one of member of our  board works as a volunteer, we do not take lightly the responsibility of the financial decisions we make. Our desire is to be both wise and thoughtful in these decisions, so we took this need before the  Lord.  

After praying together we felt led to ask you to help us with the extra expense of a project this size.   

We also determined that we would not begin the project until a majority of the funds were in hand. And then we prayed some more. 

Our God is amazing! It took just one  request and a few short weeks till He provided - through you - all of the funds needed for this major technology upgrade.   

We were excited, amazed and completely humbled.

Through the summer and into the fall we have been engaged in  the massive un dertaking of making this pro ject a reality. 

By the grace of God, and the expertise of our technology administrator, this project is now nearing completion. In fact, in just a few weeks you will see a whole new web site up and functioning when you visit  

We are incredibly excited and can‟t wait to share it with you!   

You will find our new web site to be concise, informa tive and user-friendly. It will also give us the ability to expand our work and the opportunity for impact here in Washington State. 

The timing couldn‟t be bet ter! We are now poised and significantly more prepared to inform and activate citi zens across our State as we enter 2010.   

Thank you for partnering with us and investing in this most important project.