Physicians rally against assisted suicide

A campaign to stop physician-assisted suicide is now going to physicians nationwide.

Physicians for Compassionate Care in Oregon and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition have joined forces to seek pledges from medical personnel, agreeing not to take part in doctor-assisted suicide. Spokesman Alex Schadenberg explains the cause.

 "The 'Take the Pledge' campaign is specifically oriented to medical caregivers and those who are in caregiver positions to encourage them to take the pledge against assisted suicide," he says.
Schadenberg notes research in Oregon indicates that those who take the pledge are less likely to participate. Plus, he believes it will give patients the ability to connect with doctors who are foes of assisted suicide.

 "The idea is not to publish their names, but if you had a need for a physician, that we would have a list and that they could contact us and we would then e-mail them a name of somebody who they could contact in that need -- because obviously in the future there's going to be a lot of people wanting to be protected by their physician," he contends.

According to Schadenberg, the pledge campaign in Washington State, where physician assisted suicide was legalized in November, has received enormous support in the medical community.

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One News Now, 12/17/2008