It’s Ours to Win!

By any measure 2008 is playing out to be an unusual political year.

So much is at stake, yet look at the people - disheartened and disconnected.

Politics-as-usual has left a bad taste in their mouths, and there is frustration watching elections after election produce nothing but the status quo.

Yet something is stirring deep in the hearts of people. They know there are meaningful answers, and are looking for a vision and a voice to counter this political malaise.

That’s our job, so let’s get busy!

Let’s herald the high ideals of principled conservative policies that benefit every individual.

Let’s champion the cause of citizens strangled by big government which keeps them from reaching their potential and achieving their dreams.

Let’s champion freedom.  American ingenuity, in ovation and creativity are unleashed when ‘we the people’ are free and government limited.

Let’s find principled candidates willing to stand on principled policies.

And let’s build an army of politically savvy citizens willing to do what it takes to get them in office.

Washington Eagle Forum is fully committed to seeing this happen in Washington State this election cycle.

We invite you to use our new Eagle Forum brochure to help build a citizen movement that will impact our next election. We need your help.’s ours to win!