A Great Day for Marriage, for the Family, for America

This statement was released by Dr. James Dobson following the Washington State Supreme Court ruling on DOMA :     

“Today’s ruling  serves to underscore the importance of traditional marriage in our society and re-affirms the positive rulings we have seen in recent weeks also upholding marriage. This court has found that the state does indeed have a legitimate interest in encouraging and protecting one-man, one-woman marriage. That interest is the next generation—ensuring that the best environment in which to raise children is nurtured and safeguarded.     

This court has avoided becoming another example of judicial tyranny, properly recognizing that the state Legislature has already defined marriage as the union of man and woman when it passed the state’s Defense of Marriage Act in 1998 by a wide margin.     

The five justices in the majority have respected the will of the people as expressed through their elected representatives and have refused to usurp their role in the democratic process.     

Two of the four dissenting  justices will face re-election this fall—and the people of Washington will have the opportunity to express their disgust for these justices’ arrogant attempt to engage in social engineering.”