'In God We Trust' Moving to Front of $1 Coin

Last spring, when the new $1 Presidential coin was introduced Americans were shocked to discover that the coins no longer included “In God We Trust” on their face. Instead, the phrase was moved to the rim of the coin, where it was unnoticeable and virtually unreadable. The U.S. Mint explained that the motto was moved to the edge in order to print larger portraits of the presidents on the face. Then, because of a mint “mistake,” countless dollar coins were minted that didn’t have “In God We Trust” on the rim, either.

Legislation was introduced by Senators Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Robert Byrd (D-WV) to return “In God We Trust” to its historic place on the face of the coin. That legislation has passed both houses of Congress, and President Bush has signed it into law.

The words “In God We Trust” have been prominently displayed on our coins since 1864. During the Civil War, Secretary Salmon P. Chase noted, “No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or except safe in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins.” Two years later he approved “In God We Trust” as the motto and the phrase has appeared on our coins since that time.