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A Wake Up Call: We Must Stop Judicial Tyranny


Media Not Telling Truth About Iraq

Washington Reps. Support $87 billion for Iraq

Parental Field Trip Strongly Advised

Vote Yes On Initiative 841

Fly with the Eagles - Looking for a Few Good Teens

Narrow Minds of the Left

The Ninth Circus

We Must Stop Judicial Tyranny

It is of grave concern to see liberal Senators forcing their radical agenda on the American people by holding unprecedented filibusters of judicial nominees. Democrats know they can only advance their leftist agenda through unelected black robes willing to carry out their liberal agenda.

During this time of judicial crisis it is appalling that a handful of Senate liberals have hijacked the judicial confirmation process with a filibuster of judicial nominees. Miguel Estrada put his life on hold for over 2 years while Democrats put him through all consuming ordeal of judicial confirmation. But because he would not march to the drumbeat of the liberal litmus test he was opposed at all cost.

Perhaps most disturbing of all is the apparent anti-Catholic and anti-Christian bias being demonstrated by Senate Democrats. They are enforcing an anti-religious litmus test because some judicial nominees publicly adhere to their churches' teaching on abortion. For liberals a personal and practiced faith is a disqualifier.

Currently, Democrats are holding 3 appellate nominations hostage with a filibuster, including William Pryor Jr., Priscilla Owen and Carolyn Kuhl. There are 18 vacancies for the Federal Court of Appeals and 17 nominees being denied hearings or votes. This has created a judicial crisis at a time when we can least afford it.

In the end Miguel Estrada decided the price was too high for his family and himself and withdrew his name from consideration for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. It is America's great loss because this honorable and talented man deserved the opportunity to serve his country as a mainstream judge.

Senate Democrats have a stranglehold on the judicial process and are creating a dangerous crisis in the courts. We cannot allow them to trample the rule of law and deny qualified judges their confirmation vote. The future of our democratic republic is at stake.

Have our U.S. Senators heard from you?

Call today and tell them to stop the filibuster of judicial candidates. We deserve better than obstructionist politics!

Senator Patty Murray
(202) 224-2621
Senator Maria Cantwell
(202) 224-3441


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News You're Not Likely to Hear Anywhere Else

Media Not Telling Truth About Iraq
If you rely on newspapers and TV networks for news about Iraq, chances are the reporting is one-sided and flawed. (surprised?)

Other countries and the United Nations were quite willing to tolerate the slaughter and torture of the Saddam regime but President Bush saw the genuine threat he posed to the United States and our allies in the Middle East and took decisive action in the face of vehement opposition.

Now the on-going progress in Iraq is threatened by the steady drip, drip, drip of negative news about conditions in that country. And while every soldier killed is brutal and distressing, the media coverage is focusing on attacks to the exclusion of the successful projects being carried out by the military.

Despite the disconnect between reporting and reality in the old media, the "new media" (internet and talk radio) is breaking through with reports on the growing stability of life in Iraq. The military is involved in thousands of innovative projects from schools to hospitals to renewed oil production.

Bi-partisan members of Congress are starting to question whether the negative news coverage is endangering our troops and encouraging the Baathist rebels to continue the attacks. Georgia Democrat Jim Marshall said there is "a disconnect between the reporting and the reality," partly because the reporters left in Iraq are "all huddled in a hotel."


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Washington Reps. Support $87 billion for Iraq
WASHINGTON - Rick Larsen didn't support the resolution authorizing military action in Iraq.

But after a whirlwind visit there over the weekend, the two-term congressman from Lake Stevens yesterday said Congress should pass an $87 billion bill to pay for the war and rebuilding - no strings attached. "Regardless of how people felt going in, we have the chance to do right this time," he said.

Larsen, a Democrat, was one of 17 lawmakers who made the trip. At a news conference on Sept. 30, the group spoke about the need to give, not loan, about $20.3 billion in aid to Iraq that is included in the bill.

Larsen, Bremerton Democrat Norm Dicks and Spokane Republican George Nethercutt said they returned convinced that progress was being made, and that Congress should quickly approve the bill to pay for the war and rebuilding.

"It may be counterintuitive, but the contributions we make now will allow us to get out sooner, and that's our goal, to leave the country in the hands of the Iraqi people," Rep. George Nethercutt said. "The danger with deadlines is people assume failure if you don't make the deadline."

By Alex Fryer
Seattle Times Washington bureau


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Fresh off the back-to-school shopping ordeal many parents may be tempted to avoid the malls for a very long time, (at least until Christmas) but one more trip may be necessary.

For unsuspecting parents who brave the malls and actually accompany their children into the stores, stepping into an Abercrombie and Fitch clothing store is shocking beyond belief! Oversized photos of bare breasted teenagers assault shoppers at every turn. One particular photo pictures a naked young girl kissing one boy and putting her arm around another. Only strategically placed strands of hair hide complete frontal nudity. At the cash register is their notorious soft-core pornographic catalog, this edition titled SEX ED ISSUE. A featured article is titled: Party with porn stars in your dorm room.

This outrageous display is in a store that caters to youth, from pre-teen through college age. Every parent or grandparent needs to see it for themselves and then contact the Abercrombie and Fitch Corporation to express their outrage.

Abercrombie and Fitch, 6301 Fitch Path, New Albany, OH, 43054 Phone: (614) 283 6500. You can also email a message at their website (warning: objectionable images) www.abercrombie.com by following the "contact us" link.



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Initiative 841 could be a confusing ballot issue for voters because a YES vote means no to the job killing ergonomic regulations drawn up by unelected bureaucrats. These rules will put excessive restrictions on businesses in our state. Remember YES means no to the extreme ergonomic rules.
Repealing the job-killing ergonomics regulations isn't about left or right, Republican or Democrat-it's about protecting jobs and growing our economy. That's why over 260,000 people signed the petition to put I-841 on the ballot and why I-841 is supported by a bi-partisan coalition of business leaders, small business owners and elected representatives.
The ergonomics regulations will cost businesses over $700 million a year, making Washington unattractive to new businesses, driving away existing businesses and putting people out of work. Even Governor Locke's Competitiveness Council questioned the cost and necessity of the regulations. The cost of these regulations will force businesses to move out of the state, lay-off employees and increase costs on everything we buy.
Ergonomic-related injuries have declined 28%-without burdensome regulations. Preventing workplace injuries is good business, that's why businesses have voluntarily implemented ergonomics programs-tailored to meet their specific needs. This approach works, but these one-size-fits-all ergonomics regulations carry no such guarantee.
Forty-eight states and Congress have rejected ergonomics regulations. They know good training and voluntary guidelines-not restrictive regulations-are the best ways to reduce injuries. Given our weak economy, Washington can't afford to be the only state with these restrictive and costly regulations.
Information provided by YES ON 841 Committee. Visit their web site at www.YES841.com


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Fly with the Eagles
Washington Eagle Forum is looking for teens who are interested in becoming better informed about current issues and would like to do so in a fun and interesting format known as Teen Eagles.

This is a program designed to educate high school students about current issues and conflicting worldviews. The program also provides opportunity to develop leadership skills and expertise in debating these issues with other like-minded students. Teens will be equipped with basic facts in order to be knowledgeable, independent thinkers, and ready for positions of leadership in their families, churches and communities. In particular, they will learn how to defend their beliefs and values which may come under attack on college and university campuses.

It is the vision of Washington Eagle Forum to have several Teen Eagle chapters around our state. We will have a Whatcom County chapter starting in in the next few months. Activities will include special invitations from Eagle Forum and exciting opportunities to be involved in the legislative process. This is a wonderful opportunity to raise up another generation of conservative men and women who care about God, Family & Country and can carry on a legacy of liberty in our nation.

To learn more about Teen Eagles, or to get information about starting a chapter near you, please contact Jenny at (360) 354-8505 or email us at waeagles@waeagles.com. Please give us a call about a teen you know!



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Narrow Minds of the Left

by Alta Bode

The Cobb County, Georgia School District voted recently to consider the origin of mankind from all sides of the argument. Predictably the ACLU and pro-evolution forces cried foul. Why do they fear allowing children to study the issue and decide for themselves which is the more logical explanation? Columnist Cal Thomas believes they fear losing their power to stamp God out of the public domain.

When the pro-evolution forces claim reputable scientists do not believe in creation they are ignoring many great men of the scientific world. In 1979 Science Digest reported "...scientists who reject evolution may be one of the fastest growing controversial minorities...Many of the scientists supporting this position hold impressive credentials." (Larry Hatfield, Education Against Darwin) Both Johann Kepler and Werner Von Braun espoused teaching creation. In fact Von Braun wrote, "...the vast mysteries of the universe should only confirm our belief in the certainty of its Creator." This statement echoes God's word in Romans 1, where we are assured…"that his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen...so that men are without excuse."

Surely in America, land of freedom and acceptance we can provide our children with all facets of a subject, without bias, and allow them to make their own determination. As Cal Thomas says, "The parallel views should be taught in Cobb County, GA, and everywhere else, and let the most persuasive evidence win."

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The Ninth Circus

Thanks to the California recall, the American public is getting a lesson in what's at stake in nominations to federal appeals courts. The 41 Senate Democrats blocking President Bush's nominees as too "extreme" would like nothing better than to turn the rest of the nation's appeals courts into variations on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Last week's decision by a three-judge panel to call off the October 7 recall election reinforced the Ninth Circuit's reputation as the nuttiest court in the land. Its greatest hits include a ban on the Pledge of Allegiance, and a ruling by a three-judge panel that prisoners had a right to procreate, ordering a penitentiary to let an inmate ship his sperm to his wife. (The en banc court later reversed.) In 2000, a panel ruled that homophobia was grounds for political asylum by granting asylum to a Mexican cross-dresser. In 1999 the court upheld medical marijuana clubs in a decision later reversed by the Supreme Court.

Then there's California's Three Strikes law, upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Harry Pregerson -- one of the three judges on last week's recall panel -- has refused to go along, saying he has to follow his "conscience." Imagine the outcry if an anti-abortion judge announced he was going to "follow his conscience" and refuse to enforce Roe v. Wade.

Over the weekend Judge Pregerson ignored the most basic tenet of judicial ethics by which judges decline to discuss a case in progress. Deriding the 11-judge en banc panel that will hear argument in the recall decision today, he told the Los Angeles Times: "You know who's on the panel, right? Do you think it's going to have much of a chance of surviving? I wouldn't bet on it."

Last term the Supreme Court reversed 75% of the Ninth Circuit cases it took, a record that has held steady for about a decade. Three rulings were unanimous -- including one in which the Ninth Circuit had declared that the Oakland Housing Authority had no right to evict tenants whose relatives had committed crimes on housing authority property.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are filibustering the nomination to the Ninth Circuit of California Supreme Court Judge Carolyn Kuhl because she once worked for Ronald Reagan's Justice Department. California Congressman Chris Cox, a member of the GOP leadership, earlier took himself out of the running for a possible nomination to the Ninth Circuit after Democrats objected. So remind us again whose judicial philosophy is "out of the mainstream"?

Opinion, Wall Street Journal, Sept. 22, 2003

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