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Kill The Death Tax

Governor Locke Orders Same-Sex Benefits

Inside Report

Bush and McCain Meet to Unify Republican Party

Democrats File Lawsuit Against DeLay

Al Gore Considers VP Choices

Clinton Scandal Fallout

He Stood Alone

Where Are All The Christians?

Gay Clubs in Schools Cause Concern

Educational Examiner: Evaluating and Exposing Today's Educational Trends



Death should not be a reason to tax Americans, but since 1916 when Congress instituted the estate tax, that is exactly what government has done.

When the estate tax was instituted the goal was to redistribute wealth so the rich could not pass on all their wealth to their heirs. Instead it has destroyed the dreams of small business owners and farmers who only want to pass on a legacy to their children.

This so called “death tax” claims up to 55% of a persons estate once he dies and leaves the surviving family particularly vulnerable. One third of all small business owners will have to sell all or part of their business to pay estate taxes.

According to the National Federation of Independent Business only about one-third of family farms and businesses survive a first-to-second generation transfer and only about 4% survive a second-to third generation transfer.

Businesses, like farms that are asset rich, but cash-poor, are hardest hit. Taxes must be paid on the total value and in these cases, the business often has to be sold in order to pay the government for taxes due.

While this tax policy wreaks havoc on the dreams of farmers and small businesses, this death tax only accounts for less than 2% of all federal revenue. So while it is grossly unfair it is also very unproductive.

Because household wealth has doubled in the past ten years, the number of heirs paying taxes upon a family members death is also on the rise. Leaving a big tax bill to loved ones is not what most families want to do.

House Republicans have unveiled legislation to phase out estate taxes over 10 years and a vote will be in early June so call and voice your support for the death of estate taxes!

Call your congressman and Speaker Hastert: 202-224-3121



Washington state has joined a handful of states that now pay out health-care benefits to same-sex “partners” of state employees.

Governor Gary Locke waited until after the legislative session ended and then directed a regulatory board to create a new civil (familial) relationship called “partnership”. While this new benefit extends to same-sex partnerships it excludes unmarried opposite-sex relationships.

Governor Locke is circumventing a state law that prohibits same-sex unions and defied the state legislature which specified that no state agency spend money not authorized in the current budget.

This proposal could force state workers to pay increased health care premiums and will surely add to the insurance fund shortfall.

Hot Line #: 1-800-562-6000


News You're Not Likely To Hear


Media Bias

From the Wall Street Journal: A Nexis search of the phrase “partisan Republican” shows that the term has turned up 85 times in the English-language news media over the past 90 days. By contrast, the term “partisan Democrat” has turned up only 58 times in the same time period.

A Nexis search of “extreme right” over the past month scored 212 mentions; a Nexis search of “extreme left” over the past month showed up 58 times.

With “far right” and “far left”, the media are more than twice as likely to label a conservative person or group as “far right” than they are to label a liberal person or group “far left”.

The point is this: When conservatives claim the media is more likely to use negative labels for conservative leaders, special interests, and public policy positions than they are for liberals, it is absolutely true. The raw numbers, free of any manipulation, back up conservatives’ claims.


Magical Moment

Pro-abortion politicians were caught off guard in a very awkward moment at the May 8 funeral of Cardinal John O’Connor. Cardinal O’Connor was New York’s archbishop and a staunch defender of the right to life of unborn children.

After an inspiring tribute by Cardinal Bernard Law, where he praised his best friend for leaving a great legacy and constant reminder, “that the church must always be unambiguously pro-life,” the applause turned into a thundering ovation that lasted for over 3 minutes.

Among the 3500 people at the funeral mass were President Clinton and his wife Hillary, Vice President Al Gore and his wife Tipper. When the applause began the president and Hillary started whispering to each other and kept their hands still as did the Gores. When the huge crowd rose for a standing ovation, the Clinton’s and Gore’s, in obvious discomfort, reluctantly joined them but still refrained from applause.


Polls and More Polls

George W. Bush: National polls show Bush leading Vice President Al Gore by 8 percentage points among registered voters. Perhaps causing sleepless nights for Al Gore is the fact that Bush leads among all age groups except over 65. Married women and men are solidly supporting Bush and it looks as if Democrats have a ‘parent gap’ problem this time around.

Rep. Rick Lazio: In a remarkable turn of events, Governor of New York, Rudy Guiliani, dropped out of U.S. Senate race and one day later Rep. Rick Lazio announced he would run against Hillary Clinton. The biggest surprise of all is that Rep. Lazio, a relatively unknown congressman from Long Island, has pulled within 2 points of the First Lady who can’t seem to break through a 46% ceiling.

Pro-life: A recent poll shows that 48% of the public is pro-life, 41% is pro-choice and 10% is undecided. This is proof that the abortion issue does not hurt the GOP.



Last time we looked at Bush’s possible choices for VP and this time we take a look at what may be in store for the Democrat ticket. Gore will give strong consideration to a woman from a state he desperately needs like Senator Dianne Feinstein, Rep. Jane Harman or Rep. Nancy Pelosi of CA or a minority like Labor Secretary Alexis Hermann or Franklin Raines a former Clinton budget official. He is also giving consideration to Florida Sen. Bob Graham, North Carolina Gov. James Hunt, Illinois Sen. Richard Durbin and Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh. Warren Christopher, who picked Al Gore as Clinton’s VP is heading the search for Mr. Gore’s running mate. A sure bet, however, for both Bush and Gore is a pick from a strategic state.


Democrats File Lawsuit Against DeLay

Rep. Patrick Kennedy and the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee have filed a lawsuit against Majority Whip Tom DeLay, under the RICO statute, which is designed to combat organized crime. The fraudulent lawsuit charges Rep. Tom DeLay for doing exactly the kind of fundraising Democrats have been doing for years.

The lawsuit is primarily a fishing expedition to learn more about the fund-raising methods of Mr. DeLay, who happens to be one the most successful fundraisers for the Republican party. Mr. DeLay is one of the few Congressional leaders willing to stand unapologetically for conservative and pro-family principles and Democrats are trying to undermine his effectiveness.

The lawsuit, however, is starting to backfire as the news media and even some Democrats are condemning the action as “politically stupid” and morally wrong. The attack against Tom DeLay is so under-handed and abusive that some Democrats are starting to back away from the action.

Rep. DeLay promises to fight back and predicts Democrats will pay a price for this aggression as it will also shine the light on Democrat fund-raising practices.


Bush and McCain Meet to Unify Republican Party

Arizona Sen. John McCain on May 9 endorsed the presidential campaign of George W. Bush. At the same time McCain asked not to be considered as his running mate. Bush and McCain remain divided on some issues, namely campaign finance reform, but beating Al Gore has become top priority. Both men are anxious to put the nasty primary campaign behind them and move on.

So much is being made of McCain’s less than enthusiastic endorsement of Bush, but rarely is it mentioned that Bill Bradley has yet to endorse Al Gore, let alone actively campaign for him. The former New Jersey senator has refused to relinquish his 500 delegates and has not urged his supporters to join the Gore team. There is a visceral hostility between these two Democrats.

The press has remained virtually silent on the lingering bitterness between Gore and Bradley, but has instead focused on divisions in the Republican party.

At this point only one issue could blow-up the Republican party and that would be if Bush selects a pro-abortion running-mate. It would be devastating and would likely cost him the White House.



He Stood Alone

“It’s time to get back to what this country is all about, protecting all of the powerless… and that includes unborn children.” These were the words of Robert Casey, who served as the Democratic governor of Pennsylvania from 1987 to 1994. Governor Casey died last week of an infection at the age of 68. He was a champion for the unborn and signed the 1989 Pennsylvania law that mandated a 24-hour waiting period for abortions. This law was later reviewed by the Supreme Court and upheld as constitutional. In 1992, Casey was denied the opportunity of speaking before the Democratic National Convention because he would have spoken against abortion. He was not allowed on camera because it would have “disturbed the symphony of unity”, that Democrats demanded in support of abortion rights. Governor Casey was a man of courage and conviction and stood alone against his party with his deeply held beliefs that unborn children deserve the same protection as all Americans under the constitution. This protector of the unborn will be missed.


Where are all the Christians?
By Tyler Sultze

As I entered college and began to look at the future, one question that I kept pondering was, “How was my life going to make an impact on the people of the world?” If I examine my life, as a Christian, am I making an impact on people’s lives and souls? As I thought and prayed about this issue, my attention was brought to a book called “Roaring Lambs,” written by Bob Briner. This book not only dealt with what I had been thinking about, it also focused on my area of study; the media.

The media has come to be known as one of the main rivals of the church. This book shows how Christians need to be involved in the public’s eye, not to stop all evil that is happening, but instead to produce good (something that often seems to be overlooked) as an alternative. “Roaring Lions” asks the question, “Where are all the Christians?” Briner calls for Christians to start to be involved in the mainstream media. Each chapter of the book is devoted to one area of the media. This ranges from movies and television to literature and the visual arts. We get a different perspective of how Christians are to view their role in this world.

So what is our role as Briner calls us “roaring lambs”? He is calling for, “Individual Christians to become roaring lambs — informed citizens who will enter their community dialogues on social and political issues” (pg. 58). Are Christians getting out in the public and producing something that is uplifting and pure and at the same time pleasing to the public, or have we given up and now just keep to ourselves writing books, making music, producing videos that are only sold at the Christian bookstores?

In “Roaring Lamb” Briner gives ideas on how people can start to radically change their neighborhoods and communities. There is hope! Christians can change the world they live in, however, the media plays an important role in our culture and Christians cannot abandon this vital tool to reach souls for the kingdom of Christ. This is an important book for our time and I highly recommend it as summer reading.

Tyler is a home-school graduate and has completed his first year at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California. He is studying media and communications.


Gay Clubs in Schools Cause Concern

The growth of ‘Gay Clubs’ are introducing high school children to the gay lifestyle and Christian groups are becoming concerned. The Gay, Lesbian, Student Education Network supports more than 700 gay clubs across the country and members say they talk about homosexuality in an effort to educate students, promote tolerance, and end bias.

The broader agenda is to promote homosexuality and to influence high schoolers to be sympathetic to the gay lifestyle.

School boards that resist gay clubs often attract controversy, threats and lawsuits.


Clinton Scandal Fallout

An Arkansas Supreme court disciplinary committee recommended recently that Bill Clinton be disbarred for lying under oath. For a lawyer, this is the ultimate disgrace and humiliation. This is very encouraging news for those of us who care deeply about justice and the rule of law. After bringing the country to a new low with his immoral behavior, Clinton may find out that truth does matter and that perjury is a crime.

The president is expected to "vigorously dispute" the panel's decision and will try to drag this on for months. n the mean time, Clinton is desperately trying to resuscitate his reputation and is obsessed with his legacy. He is traveling the world in search of foreign policy triumphs, placing millions of acres of American land under the control of the government and is using executive orders at an unprecedented rate. A disbarment, however, would undercut his attempt to rewrite history.



South Kitsap Rejects Book

The South Kitsap School Board has voted not to require high school juniors to read David Guterson’s “Snow Falling on Cedars.”

The 3-2 vote came after a number of parents voiced their objections to the book being used as required reading in English.

South Kitsap parent, Linda Terry, notified parents and community members of the books proposed use. Of concern was the book’s graphic portrayal of sex and violence, which Mrs. Terry described as “highly offensive and disturbing.”

South Kitsap teachers, however, sung the books praises, saying it was beautifully written.

But School Board members said the instructional vir-tues were overshadowed by the concerns of parents who said the graphic violence, explicit sexual scenes, and profanity made the book “inappropriate” as required reading in class.

Parents around the state would be wise to be watching for “Snow Falling on Cedars” being used in their child’s school.


“We had a firestorm of people who objected to the book. It was not a minority of people, it was the majority.”

Jim Huff, South Kitsap School Board Member


Supreme Court Ruling: Good News and Bad News

This week the Washington State Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Evergreen Freedom Foundation’s (EFF) case against the Washington Education Association. In a complex decision the court ruled hat the school districts must protect employee paychecks from political withholding if the districts have actual notice that wages are being used for political purposes. This decision interprets the law created in 1992 by the passage of Initiative 134 that made mandatory political withholding from paychecks illegal.

Unfortunately, the unions, who assess the dues and get to use millions of teacher dollars for politics are off the hook. The court ruled that unions are not responsible for the actual disbursement of wages; therefore, are not “employers” and cannot be held liable.

“We are disappointed that the court placed such a heavy burden on school districts and individual teachers, but we hope districts will now move aggressively to protect teachers’ paychecks,” said Bob Williams, president of EFF. “If not we will be back in court.”


Into the Mouths of Babes
The drugging of preschoolers is on the rise, study shows

The February 23 Journal of the American Medical Association reported on new research by the University of Maryland which shows the the number of children ages 2-4 taking powerful stimulant and anti-depressant drugs increased 50% between 1991 and 1995. The greatest increase was in the use of stimulants (Ritalin) and the newer class of anti-depressants (Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil). Researchers believe this rise reflects an ongoing trend.

The study results have caused alarm among experts, who worry about the effects of psychiatric medications on very young children. Many are concerned about the potential danger of these drugs to the developing brains of pre-schoolers. “These interventions are occurring at a critical time in brain development, and we don’t know what the consequences are, stated Dr. Joseph Coyle of Harvard Medical School.

Many experts, including Dr. Coyle, believe that diagnosing ADHD in toddlers is difficult at best because their normal behaviors are considered signs of the disorder in older children.

Why are parents so willing to medicate their young children when the effects of drug therapy are for all intents and purposes unknown? “Conflicts between children and adults are being redefined as diseases or disorders within the children,” says Dr. Peter Breggin, International Director of the Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology. “Treatment with stimulant drugs such as Ritalin will produce greater docility in any child (or animal) without actually improving conduct or academic performance. Parents are not informed that they are trading behavioral control for toxic drug effects.” Education Reporter 4/00


According to a March 9 article entitled Kids on Drugs, by behavioral pediatrics specialist, Dr. Lawrence H. Diller, stimulant drug use in children rose 23% between 1995 and 1999. The use of Prozac and other anti-depressants for children under 18 was up 74%, for ages 7-12 up 151%, and for children six years of age and under, anti-depressant drug use rose a shocking 580%!



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