Bush Vetoes Socialized Healthcare and Dems Vow to Override

The House and Senate passed a hugely expanded version of the S-CHIP program and sent it to the President who promptly vetoed the bill.

S-CHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program) might as well stand for Socialized Children’s Health Insurance because this Democratic legislation takes a program originally meant for children of low-income families and expands it to cover families earning up to $83,000 and illegal immigrants.

The original CHIP program was adopted in 1997 to provide health insurance for young Americans up to the age of 18 with a family income of not more than twice the official poverty level ($40,000).

But now the Democrats are back and want government to take care of even more of America’s children. The expanded S-CHIP legislation has upped the income level for a child to qualify to FOUR times the poverty level ($83,000). The bill also expands the definition of “child” as someone up to the age of 25.

S-CHIP will also have the effect of moving millions from private health insurance into government programs. Families would give up the private health coverage they already have for a highly inefficient government run system. The price tag will be massive!

The bottom line question is: Do we trust the same politicians who ran the Katrina cleanup to run America’s healthcare system? Should we ask the same government that runs Walter Reed Hospital to take care of our children? Should we allow the government to take away the freedom to make our own healthcare choices?

Don’t let anyone tell you S-CHIP is for the children, it is about Congressional Democrats scoring political points against the President under the name of “children”. In fact, S-CHIP is about selling out the future for young Americans and Congressional Democrats and a few Republicans are complicit in this travesty.  They have jeopardized the existing safety net for poor children with their action. That’s an outrage!

This epic battle is freedom vs. socialism. We must not allow government to control healthcare, because socialized medicine will be the absence of freedom and liberty for our most personal decisions.