That Big Sucking Sound You Hear: Democrats in both Capitals Make Plands to Spend, Spend, Spend

With Democrats firmly in control of our state budget, free spending legislators have place the burden of big government squarely on the backs of Washington families and taxpayers. Gov. Gregoire and her merry band of Democrats have proposed an operating budget that adds billions in new spending and eliminates the constitutional rainy day fund. Instead of returning all or even some of the record $2 billion surplus to taxpayers, Democrats drain the entire state piggy bank and more on expanded government bureaucracy.

The proposed state budget will have increased spending by 33% since Gregoire and Democrats took control of the process in 2005. If our state faces an economic downturn (and surely we will) then the economic impact of this budget would be devastating. Shortfalls and tax hikes will follow this reckless spending surge and that puts taxpayers at the greatest risk. 

Other budget lowlights:

3,800 new state employees

Record spending of $33.5 billion

Overspends revenue (our tax dollars) by $1.3 billion

No rainy day fund to protect taxpayers in case of economic downturn

No cuts in existing state government programs

Meanwhile in the Other Washington…

Big government is like a vacuum hose attached directly to our wallets!

Democrats in Washington, D.C. have proposed the largest tax increase in history on American taxpayers. If you have a family with children (including low-income), are elderly, a student or own a small business, you will pay a very steep price for this massive liberal tax increase.

The Democrat’s budget at the federal level seeks to eliminate the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts that have benefited countless Americans. The impact of the 2001/2003 tax relief has stimulated strong economic growth and created millions of job opportunities for Americans. Taxpayers have also benefited from tax deductions for paying college tuition, retirement savings and IRA contributions. 

Amazingly, at the same time Democrats plan their raid to de-fund taxpayers they also want to cut off funding for our troops in Iraq. This is another reminder of how irresponsible Democrats are when they are in control.