Amazing Grace

There is a great deal of anticipation surrounding the February 23rd release of the movie Amazing Grace, the true story of William Wilberforce, a reluctant leader called by God to do the impossible at a critical moment in England’s history. The film chronicles the true story of this young leader who put his faith into action and the loyal group of friends who risked everything to join him.

First elected to the House of Commons at the age of 21 Wilberforce dedicated the rest of his life to lead the fight to abolish slavery. Though he was chronically ill and his anti-slavery bills were repeatedly rejected by Parliament, his courage and passion to abolish injustice led him to be referred to as the “conscience of Parliament.”

Wilberforce’s work was more than political, it involved a national hearts and minds campaign. He knew the abolition of slavery would be impossible apart from the restoration of morals among the English people. Wilberforce strove to make doing good a public virtue and in doing so awakened the conscience of his nation.

After nearly 20 years of relentlessly leading the British abolitionist movement, Wilberforce wept tears of victory when England’s slave trade was finally abolished in 1807.

The obedient and courageous heart of this young man and his friends in taking on the most economically and institutionally embedded social evil of their day stands as a powerful testimony to every believer. You will be greatly inspired by this true story.

Amazing Grace comes to theaters on February 23, 2007. Please make plans to see it on its opening weekend.

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