ACTION ALERT: Sink The Law Of The Sea Again!

The Senate is close to ratifying the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea Treaty (“LOST”), a decades-old international treaty to regulate commercial use of the world’s oceans. President Bush, much of Congress, the Navy, the Coast Guard, environmental groups, and oil companies support the treaty, stating it guarantees the right to traverse certain regions that currently require permission from other governments. To date, more than 150 countries have signed onto LOST.

Despite this wide array of support, there are still many who believe it is a severe blow to American sovereignty. For example, the “innocent passage” provision in the treaty allows the UN bureaucracy to oversee international shipping and could thus severely hamper America’s ability to combat terrorism at sea. President Reagan refused to sign the treaty in 1982, arguing that it would undermine American interests.

LOST is a globalists’ dream bill. It would put the United States in a de facto world government that rules all the world’s oceans under the pretense that they belong to “the common heritage of mankind.” That’s global-speak for allowing the United Nations to carry out a massive redistribution of wealth from the United States to other countries.

The Heritage Foundation outlines five reasons why conservatives should oppose the Law of the Sea Treaty:

*The treaty will undermine U.S. sovereignty;
*The treaty will become a back door for environmental activists;
*America should not participate in yet another U.N. bureaucracy;
*American participation will undermine U.S. military and intelligence operations; and
*The U.S. does not need the convention to guarantee navigation rights.
Call our Senators and urge them to vote AGAINST the  UN Law of the Sea Treaty!

Capitol switchboard for Senators Murray and Cantwell: (202)-224-3121